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Jamie Broumas, Wild Is Love (2007) - CD

Washington Post Review of "Wild Is Love":
Need a lift now that summer has faded? "Wild Is Love" just might be the remedy, what with jazz vocalist Jamie Broumas kicking things off with a bright, blues-chasing performance of "What a Little Moonlight Can Do." Her sensuous voice and quicksilver flights, animated by drummer Steve WIlliams's fluttering rhythms and offset by saxophonist Charlie Young's resonant baritone, is the first of several mood-enhancing performances. Well-known in the Washington area for her solo appearances and recordings, as well as her association with the innovative ensembles Rare Silk and Mad Romance, Broumas has chops and personality to spare. The Notion that a great jazz vocalist doesn't perform a song so much as inhabit it may be a cliche. But it's one worth dusting off when everything clicks on "Wild Is Love", whether Broumas is casting a dreamy spell with "Last Night When We Were Young," igniting a torch on "You Won't Forget Me" or saluting the genius of Antonio Carlos Jobim with a sunny performance of "Outre Vez," rendered in Portugese. Not least of the album's pleasures derive from a colorful assortment of tunes. Bill Evans's "Waltz for Debby" is a delightful showcase for Broumas's interpretive gifts and pianist Steve Rudolph's vibrant touch. The album's title track, one of two performances dedicated to the late Shirley Horn, is equally enjoyable. -- Mike Joyce
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Wild is Love also available on itunes.